Speak to the desert 

as a dead thing

dry and lifeless, attempting to grow crop, 

leaves hand and belly hollow.

Kindred,  you  and  I.

I  stare  into  the  heart  of  you,  

a  vigilant  declaration.


My Background

Raised  and  residential  to  western  North  Carolina.  I  love  this  place.

Appalachian  State  University  


My Medium

Generally  working  two  dimensionally,

dreaming  often  outside  that  realm,

acrylic  paint  and  whatever  I  can  scrounge  up  and  mark  with.  



I believe that art and creative work is more than a pastime. It is an opportunity.

As an educator, I strive to provide my students with opportunities for creative expression, decision making, and critical thinking. 

I believe that by regularly engaging in a creative practice, we are afforded growth that resonates throughout our lives. Through this process we become more creative, critical, and thoughtful individuals. 

In  educating, this is my work.